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Through both experimental and applied research, Sustainable Streams designs and conducts investigations to explain the events of nature in a predictable way.


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Addressing the Urban Stream Disturbance Regime

Robert Hawley and Geoff Vietz

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Hydromodification Assessment and Management Program
in Northern Kentucky

Sanitation District No. 1, Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Co., KY


Matthew Wooten | | 859.578.6887


In collaboration with SD1, Sustainable Streams designed a ‘hydromodification’ monitoring program to document the effects of conventional Stormwater management on stream ecosystems. The data and analyses have contributed to several peer-reviewed journal articles and are the foundation of SD1’s Hydromodification Management Program. The research has illuminated an important mechanism for stormwater management: the so-called critical discharge for streambed disturbance, which has become a guiding design target for stormwater management.


Biotic Integrity at a forested reference site (red diamonds) is typically excellent, but fell to poor in 2011 when the sample was collected just 25 days after a streambed disturbance event. The 2011 reference site score of 30 was more similar to sites in watersheds draining 20-30% impervious area than to reference site samples collected during more typical years, indicating that excess streambed disturbance is likely a dominant driver of impacted biological communities in many urban and suburban streams. Figure adapted from Hawley et al. (2016).