"contribution to the welfare of others"~ Merriam-Webster


Using portions of our annual proceeds and our time, Sustainable Streams contributes to the welfare of current and future generations via environmental improvement projects and through charitable 501(c)3 donations.



Pre-construction: Extensive bank failure and degraded habitat conditions (top). 
Post-construction: Regraded streambank and constructed riffle-pool habitat (bottom).

Featured Project

Zandale Park Stream Bank Protection Project

Lansdowne Neighborhood Association – Lexington, Kentucky


Sonny Wray | | 859-278-1518


Sustainable Streams designed this stream rehabilitation project to cost-effectively improve the stability, safety, habitat, and aesthetics of the creek in Zandale Park. We developed a range of conceptual alternatives such that LNA could select the design that met the optimum balance of cost, disturbance to the park, and acceptable levels of risk for future erosion. The final design involved engineered log vanes and constructed rock riffles, regraded banks in the areas that were most problematic for safety, and enhanced riparian habitat. Reuse of onsite and local materials such as logs and native creek rock saved costs and added to the project's sustainability by eliminating the need to haul quarried stone. The project was a 2014 award recipient of the 44th Annual Lexington Environmental Commission Environmental Awards.

We donated over $10,000 in services to the success of this project and were honored with an award by the LNA.

In recognition and appreciation of his outstanding service to the stream bank restoration at Zandale Park, Dr. Robert Hawley is hereby declared an honorary member of the Lansdowne Neighborhood Association.