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Three of Dr. Hawley’s recent papers are featured in a special issue of Freshwater Science titled Urbanization and stream ecology: Diverse mechanisms of change

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Ecological resistance in urban streams »

The urban disturbance regime »

Urban stream renovation »


Hawley R.J. and G.J. Vietz. 2016. Addressing the urban stream disturbance regime. Freshwater Science, 35(1): 278-292. Read article »

Hawley R.J., Wooten, M.S., MacMannis, K.R., and E.V. Fet. 2016. When do macroinvertebrate communities of reference streams resemble urban streams? The biological relevance of Q critical. Freshwater Science, 35(3): 778-794. Read article »

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Hawley, R.J. and B.P. Bledsoe. 2013. Channel enlargement in semi-arid suburbanizing watersheds: A Southern California case study. Journal of Hydrology, 496: 17-30.
Read article »

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Hawley, R.J. and B.P. Bledsoe. 2011. How do flow peaks and durations change in suburbanizing semi-arid watersheds? A southern California case study. Journal of Hydrology 405 (1-2), 69-82. Read article »