Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


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Read article »

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Book Chapters


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Gibson, J.P. 2014. Testimony submitted to the United States Senate, Environment and Public Works Committee, Water and Wildlife Subcommittee. Hearing entitled, "Solving the Problem of Polluted Transportation Infrastructure Stormwater Runoff." May 13, 2014. 
See full testimony and video archive »

Sustainable Streams' client serves as an invited witness to US Senate Hearing on Stormwater Runoff. See written testimony from Mr. James P. Gibson, Jr. of SD1 or  watch the full video archive .

Sustainable Streams' client serves as an invited witness to US Senate Hearing on Stormwater Runoff. See written testimony from Mr. James P. Gibson, Jr. of SD1 or watch the full video archive.

Industry Media and News

SD1 bringing innovative approach to region’s growing erosion problem; protecting public health. Northern Kentucky Tribune, July 18, 2018. Read article »

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